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For a decade and a few years added on that, this radio LIVE weekly broadcast has given opportunity to thousands of independent urban music prospects during their existence on the air waves in Los Angeles.

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Yung Muusik Annual Birthday Bash!

Written By: Shayla Cunningham

Yung Muusik hosted his annual birthday celebration last night in Sun Valley, California. The event was an exclusive invite only, classy gathering. In order for you to enter you  must RSVP, Yung Muusik had the press and media check in around 7:45 PM after pre-check-in guests would have to check in with their name with the bouncer. His guest started arriving no later than 8:30 admiring the atmosphere. Muusik opened the event doors with opening arms, making everyone including myself feel at home. Around 9 PM the press and media took pictures of the guest and the birthday boy, Celebrity Tania Banks (Little Women LA) made an appearance, taking beautiful pictures on the red carpet. The Birthday boy looked full of joy to be in a room full of his loved ones. The event catered food along with sassy and sexy bartenders with pleasant serving attitudes. The interior of the event was magnificent giving inner mid-city vibes. While everyone was enjoying their time celebrating, we were still accommodating COVID restrictions; staying six feet apart, keeping our masks on, and staying within ranges with less people around. As far as drinks they provided two drink tickets, with a drink menu giving several options such as Margaritas, Mix drinks, wine, and champagne. The DJ played a variety of musical genres: Old School, R&B, Funk, and New School. Overall the energy of the event based on the vibe from the music was electric; the guest walked around with smiles and laughter amongst  one another along with enjoying the celebration of Muusik.

Music Mogul Erykah Badu Turns 50 today!

Written By: Shayla Cunningham

Erica Abi Wright Professionally known as Erykah Badu celebrates her 50th birthday today. The singer and songwriter has influenced the music industry tremendously with her treasured energy, Badu joined the Neo Soul subgenre association in the 90s, conducting herself to be recognized as the Queen Of Neo Soul. Her career began after opening up for D’Angelo in Fort Worth (1994). Kedar Massenberg, record label executive was amazed by her performance and wanted to sign her to Kedar Entertainment. 

Badu’s musical sensibilities were compared to Pennsylvania jazz singer Billie Holiday; early in her career she was recognizable for her eccentric style which would often include large colorful headwraps. Many describe Badu as an experimental R&B singer that explores contemporary forms such as Soul and Hip Hop. Badu created certain albums with Neo Soul elements (Mama’s Gun and Worldwide Underground) that incorporated styles from Funk, Jazz, and Hip Hop. 


Majority of Badu’s music was influenced by her beliefs of the Nation of Gods and Earths including her exploration of her African heritage.The songs in her album Baduizm express her personal take on life including her philosophy that was influenced by African ideology, African-centered and Five Percent theologies. Badu continues containing minimalist songwriting concerning love, gang culture, ghetto life and esoteric concepts with socio-political themes.

Nicki Minaj Father died from a hit and run

Written By: Shayla Cunningham


Music Mogul Nicki Minaj’s father Robert Maraj died at the age of 64 Saturday, February 13th, 2021 after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Long Island, New York. Nassau County Police said Maraj was “walking in the roadway” on Roslyn Road and Raff ave. when a car that was unidentified plowed into him Friday night at 6:15pm fleeing the scene. TMZ reported that witnesses were unable to give a description of the suspect. Maraj then was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. 


The Homicide Squad is still investigating, asking if there are any key witnesses that possibly did get information off the vehicle. Prior to Maraj’s death Minaj spoke about her relationship with her dad, she discussed his drug and alcohol abuse in their household, stating to an interviewer “My father was abusive….. We were afraid for my mothers’ life because whenever he would have a bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her.” Minaj later then told The New York Times “He wouldn’t abuse her but he was still abusive.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine runs into Meek Mill in Atlanta

Written By: Shayla Cunningham



Meek Mill and Tekashi 6ix9ine’s long term beef with each other has reached a boiling point. The two rappers were leaving an Atlanta club early sunday morning February 14th 2021, walking into the parking structure noticing each other. Both rappers filmed their vague points of views of the altercation, in which each artist was surrounded by their maskless entourages pushing and yelling insults towards each other. 

There’s a clip of Mill repeatedly stating crude curse words accusing Bushwick rapper 6ix9ine of being unwanted in the industry and was well known as a “rat.” 6ix9ine immediately accused and questioned the Philadelphia artist of having interactions with the police as well. 6ix9ine captioned his post after the altercation  “STOP LETTING THESE RAPPERS LIE TO YOU! THEY TOO TOUGH FOR SECURITY @meekmill RUNNING AROUND WITH POLICE.”

Rappers Meek Mill and Tekashi have been feuding for months now, the issue started when 6ix9ine took offense to his freestyle video “Snitches” Meek posted on instagram post 6ix9ine getting released from prison. Tekashi served less than two years in prison after testifying against his previous gang member aiming to avoid a lengthy prison sentence that include federal charges with a murder conspiracy.

Zendaya's a nominee for “Best Actress” at the Critics Choice Awards

Written By: Shayla Cunningham

Zendaya Coleman earned “Best Actress” Nominee for her most recent film “Malcome & Marie” an american black and white romantic film written and directed by Sam Levinson and exclusively produced by Zenaya. Film stars Zendya Coleman and John David Washington’s titled characters (Director & Girlfriend) test their relationship on the night of the Film premier. 

Film director Malcolm Elliot (John David Washington) returns home from his film premiere with his girlfriend Marie Jones (Zendaya). Malcolm eagerly expresses his annotation of the critical reviews and the emotional responses from the audience at the premiere screening. When Malcolm started to notice Marie’s condescending tone, he urged her to tell him what she was displeased about. Marie explained that she was upset due to him not thanking her in his speech he told at the premiere.

Marie is convinced that his film’s leading role is about her , a drama about an african american female drug addict struggling to recover, as she was when they met. Malcolm immediately denied her accusations, stating how the character “Imani” is not about her and is a collaboration of different women from his past. Marie slightly agreed but insisted that he couldn’t authentically portray “Imani’s” struggles without experience in which he saw when he first met Marie. After a long night of making each other’s points across, the two get into bed not saying much but thanking each other before actually going to sleep. In the morning Malcolm wakes up alone. He finds Marie, holds her as they watch the sunrise, leaving the fate of their relationship unknown.

Original Supreme Member Mary Wilson Dies At The Age Of 76

 Written By : Shayla Cunningham

 Legendary Mary Wilson, former Supreme member, passed away February 8th 2021. New York Times states that “The death was confirmed by her publicist and longtime friend Jay Schwart that there were no causes given.” It was reported that the singer was located in her home in Henderson, Nevada. Her children and family will provide a funeral for her in celebration of her life. However,the funeral will be private due to COVID restrictions and will be later this month.

Schwart explains how Wilson was a trendsetter, her career started out in 1959 in detroit as a singer in what was then called  “The Primettes.” Later the members changed the name to “The Supreme” the most successful group signed to Motown in the 60’s with twelve number one singles including “Baby Love” “Stop! In The Name Of Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go.” The Supremes members consisted of three members: Susaye Greene, Mary Wilson, and  Scherrie Payne. 

Their influence held weight in categories such as Contemporary R&B, Pop, and Soul, impacting and  paving the way for Black artists of all genres in that time. Schwarts noted “Wilson’s legacy went beyond singing, she became a Bestselling Author, BusinessWoman, a motivational speaker, and plus more. She did not use her fame for an opportunity that did not provide substance. Wilson used her fame to spread awareness on diversity of Humanitarian efforts including ending world hunger and encouraging more peace. Wilson’s legacy will continue the appreciation of her achievements.


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Summer Walker Talks About Her Vegan Transition.


Written By : Shayla Cunningham


As we all know singer and songwriter Summer Walker is a spiritual person who prefers natural remedies rather than using medine. During her pregnancy she’s given us clips and pictures on how peaceful her journey is as a single mother. After Walker decided to open up on some of the negative things that’s happened in her first trimester such as her break-up with producer London On The Track. She stuck with remaining positive, and focusing on things that will protect and keep her baby healthy. Summer met up with Iam_lifewave also known as Hayah Mit’wal on instagram to focus on her health journey. Hayah explains that the vegan life is a healthy life, especially while being pregnant. Mit’wal highly recommends the Vegan lifestyle to provide your baby the proper nutrients.

A Herbal lifestyle is how you actually detox your body and maintain proper health. Mit’wal states “Stay away from baby food & formula. The formula has all kinds of toxins and metals in the food causing brain deterioration which can also cause the baby to cry more due to possible headaches from the metal that’s in baby food. Breastfeeding is always the best way to feed the baby. Breast Milk consists of a medicine called “Colostrum” that is really good for brain development and also raises a baby’s IQ.”

Summer explains “The vegan transition is hard but worth it, I try to stay consistent daily, so I am doing the best that I can which is the key, to try and don’t give up.” Once you become vegan you will not continue to stress & worry, it will relieve your anxiety and depression as well. A couple of natural remedies Mit’wal bought & recommended for Summer is Sea Moss & Elderberries. Sea Moss helps the body reduce inflammation, people take it to lower their risks of infections. Elderberries are also good because they are packed with antioxidants that can boost up your immune system. Elderberries can also help tame inflammation, lessons stress, and can protect the heart as well. Prior to Summer’s pregnancy, she has always remained spiritually connected by reading Chakra Handbooks, writing daily affirmations, taking notes, doing yoga and collecting spiritual crystals. Her fans love and support her because she is, if anything herself, an influencer people look up to, providing pure love and positivity. She is respected because her music and her personal life is one, the same Summer you get in the studio is the same Summer you get outside the studio.

Inauguration Poet Amanda Gorman



Written By : Shayla Cunningham


Youth Poet Amanda Gorman will now have a printed special commemorative book for her inauguration poem “The Hill We Climb” with a foreword by Oprah Winfrey. For President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s inauguration Gorman recites her uplifting poem “The Hill We Climb”, making her the youngest inauguration poet in U.S. history. It was reported that Gorman finished the title for the poem the night when pro-Trump rioters invaded the capital last month, she explains to New York Times  “In my poem, I’m not going to in any way gloss over what we’ve seen over the past few weeks and, dare I say, the past few years. But what I really aspire to do in the poem is to be able to use my words to envision a way in which our country can still come together and can still heal.” Gorman’s work focuses on the daily issues of racism, feminism, and oppression as well as African diaspora. Gorman’s passion and activism created a superbing career for herself, in 2014 she was chosen as a youth poet laureate of Los Angeles.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recognizes her achievement and highlighted them on her instagram. Obama was moved by Gorman’s poem stating “The power of her words blew me away—but it was more than that. It was her presence on stage, the confidence she exuded as a young Black woman helping to turn the page to a more hopeful chapter in American leadership.” Michelle met Amanda in 2016 and felt most proud of her at the time when they both visited the National Student Program. Over the years of Michelle knowing Amanda she admires how she consistently inspires people with her words. 

Black History Month Advocate Dr.Joy Harden


 Written By : Shayla Cunningham


Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a clinical psychologist, speaker and CEO/Host of a popular mental health podcast “Therapy for Black Girls”. The Podcast focuses on making mental health topics more relevant for black females. Making it accessible for girls to reach out and state personal issues or opinions on daily topics for the podcast. Bradford uses pop culture to illustrate psychological concepts throughout her journey of advocating. She was featured in Forbes, MTV, Black Enterprise, The Oprah Magazine and more.

   Dr. Bradford was born and raised in Paincourtville, Louisiana receiving her Bachelor’s Degree at Xavier University, endured her Master’s in vocational rehabilitation, obtained counseling at Arkansa State and completed her doctoral degree at University of Georgia for psychology counseling. Bradford became a mental health practitioner in 2011 and was a college counselor until 2014, the year she created “Therapy for Black Girls.” The name was thought of after watching the annual  “Black Girls Rock”  award ceremony presented by B.E.T. When Bradford had an interview with The Huffington Post she stated that she wanted to start the platform because “ I want to talk about things, like how your mental health is impacted by your lack of sleep, or how all the hours you spend on instagram can actually make you feel bad about yourself.” Later she states “I don’t think we always do a great job focusing on our mental wellness, and realizing that we all have mental health we need to take care of.”


   The Podcast cover’s a variety of topics for black females that also includes a Facebook group “Thrive Tribe.” Her work highlights the stigma of mental health advocating for women to set and create boundaries and normalizing getting therapy in black communities. Later Dr. Bradford developed an online therapist dictionary to find variations of black therapist for females to find in specific locations. 

The NAACP Award Ceremony

Written By : Shayla Cunningham

The NAACP Image Awards announced the Nominees for the 52nd annual Image Awards on Instagram yesterday. The Annual Image Award Ceremony is presented by the U.S. based Association for the advancement of African American people, to honor their outstanding performances in film, television, music and literature.

    The ceremony nominee announcements was hosted by P Valley actor Nicco Annan, singers & producers TC Carson & Erika Alexander, singer and songwriter Chloe Bailey, and Actress and singer Anika Noni Rose. Nicco Annan presented the outstanding male/female artist nominees: Big Sean, Black Thought, Charlie Wilson, Drake, and John Legend. The nominees for outstanding female artists are Alicia Keys, Beyonce, H.E.R., Jazmine Sullivan and Ledisi. The outstanding HipHop/Rap award was nominated to Missy Elliot, Big Sean, Drake, Meagan Thee Stallion, and Future. In that afternoon B.E.T. posted on their instagram the Gospel/Christian nominees: Marvin Sapp, PJ Morton, Koryn Hawthorne, Kierra Sheard, and The Clark Sisters.


    As the day went on TC Carson and Erika Alexander continued presenting more nominees : Andre Brauger, Deon Cole, Jay Rellis, Kenan Thompson, and Laurence Fishbourne for Supporting Actors in a Comedy Series. Jennifer Lewis, Marsai Martin, Natasha Rothwell, and Yvonne Orji are the nominees for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. The People of literacy, actors, and artists that were nominated for those specific categories had superbing performances within the last year that will be recognized by the Awards organization members. Congratulations to all that were nominated, and catch the show live on B.E.T. on Saturday, March 27th at 8/7c .


Summer Walker is back with another One !

Summer Walker is back with another memorable Visual to her song “Body”  expressing her early journey to motherhood, though the visual is the newest release by the r&b artist, the song actually debuted on her 2019 platinum album “Over It” alongside with hits like “Stretch You Out” and “Playing Games”  check out her newest Visual, it’s definitely a site to see! 

Coi Leray Is Building A Buzz

Written By : Shayla Cunningham  

Boston artist Coi Leray’s new song “No More Parties” has over 3 million streams on @applemusic. “No More Parties” now is in the top 100 in all Genres and  in top 50 in Hip/Hip & Rap. With the song becoming an addition to the TikTok world celebrities and influencers have been participating in the “No More Parties Challenge” Leray constructed prior to releasing the song .The sensational artist transpired onto the hip hop scene in 2017 with the release of her singles “G.A.N.” &  Pac Girl,”  When presenting her brand Leray wanted to do things her way that best represented her, Leray claims “ Her Music is an embodiment of who she was at the time. Her music brings listeners into a carefree world of individuality with her charismatic energy. Now that she has released her EP “Now Or Never” Leray continues to show her originality showing that she is fully committed to her craft and there’s much more to her craft than what’s to be expected. Leray also posts more updates on her Instagram story on her and Chicago rapper Lil Durk doing a remix to “No More Parties” so stay tuned more music from Coi Leray is to come!


Lil Durk Has Another Hit On His hands!

Written By : Shayla Cunningham

  Durk Derrick Banks also known as rapper and songwriter “Lil Durk” recently released the deluxe album from the original album “The Voice.” The Deluxe album includes twelve new songs that features artists such as Lil Baby, Sydney August and Pooh Shiesty. A day after releasing his latest project the Chicago artist teamed up with Lyrical Lemonade and released the visual to one of the songs on the deluxe version  “Kanye Krazy” directed by Cole Bennett. Bennett states with help from Fusina Studios for production and Aunna Kelly & Rasheeda Ameera for wardrobe, “The project took about a week long.” With it premiering on January 29, 2021 the visual reached over 2,000,000 views on YouTube.              

    The “Kanye Krazy” music video reflects on some of Kanye West’s iconic moments and visuals throughout his career. The song itself explains why Banks went in the direction of recreating Mr. West iconic moments. The “Kanye Krazy” lyrics explains situations that Banks has been through that create similarities to Kanye, to create the term “Kanye Krazy.” In relation to the lyrics with the visual, reminiscing on Mr.West classic moments puts perspective on the lyrics. The visual includes recreations of scenes from the visuals of Bound, Runaway, Famous and more. 
    “The Voice” on December 23, 2020 which was also a tribute to labelmate and longtime friend King Von, who died from a fatal shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. King Von’s death affected Lil Durk heavily, thus the reason he proceeded with putting a picture of him and King Von on the cover of the album and including the song that they collaborated on. The sixteen tracklist also includes features with Black, Young Thug, YNW Melly, and Booka 600.

RichTheKid Collaborated with some of the hottest in the game!

 Written By : Shayla Cunningham


RichTheKid recently released his new single and club hit “Nasty” with some of the hottest female rappers in the game Rubi Rose, Mulatto, and FloMilli. The song expresses a grown and sexy vibe with an exclusive visual as well. For the intro of  “Nasty”  RichTheKid handles the hook, while Mulatto, Flo Milli, and Rubi Rose delivers their erotic verses, and setting the tone for the whole song. This collaboration is original with a natural flow that highlights the rappers verses. 

Previous to releasing “Nasty” RichTheKid released the visual to “Money Machine” featured with Mississippi artist SipTee. SipTee just recently signed to RichTheKid’s record label “Rich Forever Music”. From the looks of it Rich is starting off the year on a good note, signing artists and releasing fire hits. Both songs definitely express different flows with a solid upbeat tempo.

Prior to “Money Machine” being released the New York rapper dropped his track “Split” along with releasing the music video on the 19th of January. The Rich Porter directed music video shows the rapper exploring The Bahama’s with dope layered edits throughout the visual.


Rich has also been helping his friend Famous Dex navigate through the process of going into rehab to start his journey through sobriety. Complex Magazine confirmed “Back in December it was reported that RichTheKid admitted Famous Dex into rehab after concerning photos surfaced of him battling drug addiction.” Post being admitted into rehab Rich made sure to confirm that Dex is doing okay and is getting better.

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