Celebrity Shootout Recap


This is a music seminar design to teach independent artist and record companies about the music industry. There is also an award show following the music seminar.


Big Feva has the DRS fan base in a uproar on has recent visit to a the DRS Live Instagrams  show. He sp oke about the origin of his hit single “  Feel Like” , and how it was a song to empower women. You can catch the replay on the interview on Roku @daradioshowla and Amazon Fire  @daradioshow


Music Reviews

Da Radio Show has expanded their broadcast nationally. Although they broadcast locally in Los Angeles on 900AM KALI. DRS, several radio stations across the country have agreed to carry the weekly radio show that spins only indie urban music on their frequency in their prospective cities. Here is the list of stations that carries Da Radio Show.

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Bringing in Oscar Weekend with Style at the 4th Annual Oscars After Party.

Da Radio Show was at the  4th Annual Griot Gala Oscars After Party 2022 Toasts to Diversity & Inclusion in Film + Entertainment w/ host Cedric the Entertainer. the GRIOT Gala will transport VIP guests into Parisian splendor with the ambiance of Moulin Rouge, by way of its luxurious indoor/outdoor atmosphere, designed & produced by Dwight Eubanks & Annette BibbyOliver/Dreamhouse MBG. Some of the VIP guest were Phylicia Rashad, Cheech Marin, Reneé  Lawless and many more Each honoree will be presented with a prestigious award to commemorate their exceptional career in the entertainment industry.

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Radio Air Personalities


Dundee the creator of Da Radio Show hail from Inglewood, CA . His leadership radio program that caters to the independent urban music industry only. Dundee is one of those air-personality that has help change the radio game for the independent urban music industry. As lead air-personality of Da Radio Show on 1580AM in Los Angeles, this remarkable air-personality has open up doors to several independent urban music prospects. Dundee is one of those air-personality that has help change the radio game. Lead air-personality of Da Radio Show on 1580AM in Los Angeles, this remarkable air- personality has open up doors to several independent urban music artists.


Imported from a radio station in So Cal, 100 The Heat in Lancaster, CA, adds just a little bit more glamor and style into the crew entertaining image within this men and women entourage promoting independent urban music over the air-waves in Los Angeles and via online on YouTube.com.


She has a unique southern style radio personality straight out of New Orleans. She came to LA pursuing an acting career and was introduce to Da Radio Show by Malaika “Angel” Houston of Angel’s Club House, DRS’ administrative assistant. She absolutely relate to the struggle of life through the listeners eyes and ears. Just to know that she helps wake people up and get them through the rest of their day with smiles on their faces is such a humbling and rewarding feeling.


“Mr. Old Skool,” himself. He brings to the music production and artists. when comes down to commenting on the highly proclaim segment called “Play It Or Slay It” He team up with the creator of da’ show back in 1998 while broadcasting from Oren-Z Liberation Radio Network (88.7FM).


Consider as one of LA’s premier deejay. Da Radio Show has label this local musical icon as their official mix deejay, designating a five-minute segment on their weekly LIVE broad-cast on 1580AM on Monday nights.

Now looking for interns

Da Radio Show is looking for interns for broadcasting engineers, sales associates and publicists.

If interested contacted us at 310-554-4420 or daradioshowla@gmail.com